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Community Development

The Community Development program is defined through a number of activities carried out with residents in order to improve their quality of life.

These activities encourage the development of partnerships between members and organizations within the community in order to build community capacity, autonomy and a great place to live in.

Here is a list of community development services:

  • Income tax clinics – offered every year to help those on limited income, to properly complete their income tax return.
  • Soup for seniors – Soup for seniors living at 300 Lacoase and 240 Montfort. Every third Thursday of the month, you are invited to a community lunch from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Collective kitchens – Here is a chance to do some cooking with other community members and an opportunity to share resources
  • Community activities to help find out citizens’ needs and preoccupations
  • Magasin Partage – Offered prior to Christmas, this program allows limited income families to do some shopping at cut-rate prices
  • Educational workshops – A simple and definite step  for the general population towards individual and social consciousness in response to the demands of their daily life.

Together for Vanier

Together for Vanier
Crime Prevention Program

Seniors: A priority for Vanier!

Seniors: A priority for Vanier!
A variety of activities for Vanier seniors including seniors living at 300, Lacasse St. and at 280 Montfort St.
Seniors (55 and up) who are Vanier residents (K1L postal code).


Bike-Vanier is a free recycled-bike lending program which runs during summer time.
Vanier residents (K1L postal code).