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Seniors: A priority for Vanier!

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Who it's For

Seniors (55 and up) who are Vanier residents (K1L postal code).

More Information

  • Free
  • Bilingual
  • Variety of resources


Information and registration:

Barra Thiom, community developer

613-744-2892 x 1059 | bthiom@cscvanier.com



This program is funded by:

A variety of activities for Vanier seniors including seniors living at 300, Lacasse St. and at 280 Montfort St.

Seniors, a priority for Vanier!

The Vanier CSC works closely with seniors and partners in order to develop a range of activities and services which counter isolation, increase the residents knowledge by connecting them to useful resources and encourage community involvement and particiation.  Since, the Vanier CSC has supported a variety of projects such as the construction of a community garden, a needs assessment, and the organization of the popular lunch-talks pertaining on a variety of themes presented by guest partners.  The residents gather in an inviting space, share a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee and take time to discuss and inform themselves on a variety of themes (ex: cyber-fraud, gambling etc.)

With new funding from the Ministry of correctional services and community security, the Vanier CSC now offers a program which inclures outings (ex.: plays and nature outings), intergenerational activities and a series of talks pertaining on themes in link with crime prevention and mental health.