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Who it's For

Vanier seniors (55 years and up) AND Vanier men living alone. 


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More Information

  • Mandatory registration
  • Groups meet every two weeks
  • Resources, tools and special activities
  • Bilingual


Information and registration:

Jean-Michel Rousseau, liaison officer Together for Vanier

613-744-2892 x 1054 |


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We would like to thank our community partner: 

New collective kitchen program for men and seniors.

Setting the table for the new Vanier People Food Project!

The Vanier Community Service Centre is very proud to launch a new collectiv kitchen program called the Vanier People Food Project. This project, which is funded by the Community Foundation of Ottawa, offers two cooking groups (one for seniors and the other for men living alone). The participants will learn the basics of healthy cooking on a budget in addition to sharing and meeting fellow-neighbours and community partners. Leave with a meal for the week, kitchen tricks and tools, and especially, connect with a group of neighbours!

Sign-up today!  Groups meet in a kitchen located in the community (will vary), either at 280, Montfort St. or 300, Lacasse St., in the Bobby's Table Kitchen or the Vanier Community Service Centre kitchen.