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Who it's For

For Vanier seniors (see schedule) and for the whole community (on Saturdays).


290 Dupuis, Ottawa, ON
290 Dupuis St.

More Information

  • Free service offered to seniors
  • Service offered to the whole community on Saturdays
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities for youth


VANIERLOCITY LINE (to make an appointment for a tricycle ride): 613-744-2892 x 1202


For more information:

Barra Thiom, Community developer

613-744-2892 x 1059 |

  • Interested in sponsoring a tricycle?
  • You would like to have a tricycle in your neighbourhood?
  • You would like to know more about the various cycling initiatives IN VANIER, BIKING IS FOR EVERYONE?
  • You would like to hear our experience with Vélo-Duo?
A free tricycle transportation and tour service for Vanier seniors, cycled by youth of the community.

Vanierlocity has arrived in Vanier, a first in Ontario!

Vanierlocity  is a new and free tricycle transportation and tour service offered to Vanier seniors, cycled by youth of the community. Exported for the first time in Ontario, the Vanier Community Service Centre is very proud to sponsor this project in Vanier.  

How does the Vanierlocity project work?

The main objectives ot the project are to break senior isolation, to stimulate local economy and to integrate youth in the community and local work force.  The tricycle is cycled by youth of the community, giving them a job opportunity and offering them a bursary at the end of their contract.  The Vanierlocity service offers tours in the neighbourhood, visiting historical sites amongst other places. The transportation service will be offered to seniors living in the 280 Montfort St. and 300 rue Lacasse buildings as well as to the other seniors living in a 2 km radius of the Vanier Community Service Centre. The tricycle will be on-site during many community events during the summer. Here are some of the benefits of the project in Vanier:

  • Environmental consciousness
  • Community spirit
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Social responsibility
  • Creating intergenrational connexions
  • Helping citizens with limited mobility
  • Eco-citizenship
  • School perseverence


Vanierlocity Schedule

The new 2016 schedule will be posted shortly.