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Work Experience Needed

Caught in the trap of no work experience – no job / no job – no work experience?
To get out of that trap and on the right track:

Some Options to Consider

  • Train in the Gourmet-Xpress catering kitchen
Free 20 week training program in our very own working social enterprise
Learn new skills for work in restaurants, catering and cafeteria settings
Free lunch included in the program
Find a job in the food and service industry

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  • Gain experience in office work
As a participant in the Vanier CSC mentorship pilot project, you will gain up to three months of work experience. You will also be provided with a valuable reference in administration, IT and customer service.
  • Become a volunteer at the Vanier CSC
As a volunteer, you can gain valuable work experience. Get involved in community activities: become a resource person in our computer room, deliver the community newspaper Perspectives Vanier, prepare income tax reports, etc. There are many more opportunities to volunteer where you will gain transferable skills, while building your network and contributing to the community.
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