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Customized Support

The most challenging part of hiring is finding the right talent for the job. Chances are you will receive a lot of résumés, but many will not fit the bill. We can help you pre-screen applications, at no cost to you, and it will make decision-making that much easier.

Maybe you need a central business location where you can meet job applicants, organize meet & greet sessions, or a job fair?

No matter. If you need help with your recruitment strategy:

"The need for qualified nursing and medical transfer staff is great and Ottawa Home Care is very pleased with the skilled workers provided to us by Vanier Community Service Centre. Its Employment Specialists are very professional, skilled, and they always respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Their incentive program for employers to help with new hire wages really helps businesses such as ours.

We highly recommend the Vanier Community Service Centre for quick and reliable services as well as skilled recruits."

Marie Maitre
Executive Director
Ottawa Home Care Inc.


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