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Funding Support for Training and Hiring

A number of government programs are tailor-made for employers, providing funding support for job training and skills development. To find out how you stand to benefit as an employer:

Employer Programs to Consider

Job Matching Partnership

This program offers employers financial incentives so they can provide on-the-job training, including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities, or skills and employability assessment for workers participating in job trials. 


Apprenticeship Programme

This is the program of choice for more than 35,000 employers, 120,000 apprentices and 300,000 active journeypersons in Ontario. Benefits to employers: loans for tools, tax deduction for the purchase of tools, classroom training support, apprenticeship grant, grant for those who complete their apprenticeship, bonus for apprenticeship programs not under the Red Seal category, and financial support for apprentices who are unemployed. 


Job Creation Partnership

This program enables employers to provide unemployed workers with the opportunity to gain experience in the context of work projects designed to boost the local economy, or benefit the community. In this way, participants can beef up their résumé, while honing their skills, which improves their odds of finding meaningful employment. 



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