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Programs for Horizon Jeunesse School parents

Who it's For

For parents of children attending Horizon Jeunesse School. 


349 Olmstead, Ottawa, ON
349 Olmstead St.

More Information

  • Free
  • Mandatory registration
  • In French



Information and registration:

Chantal Lyrette, Project coordinator


613-741-8515 x 3

The harmonization project offers resources for parents of students attending Horizon Jeunesse School.

The harmonization program offers resources for parents who are registered at the Horizon Jeunesse School.  The program offers resources for parents through book and resource lending on themes such as self-esteem, divorce and discipline.  Parental abilities workshops on discipline, intimidation and child development are also organized throughout the school year. 

The project coordinator also links parents to appropriate information and resources: 

  • Various services: health care, dental care, legal aid, counselling, resources for new Canadians, maternity resources as well as support groups (violence, addictions, grief and seperation, etc.)
  • Community activities such as summer camps, Christmas baskets, movies in the park, community coffee house, block parties etc.  
  • Support programs (ex: doctors, counselling, etc.)
  • Emergency support (food, clothes, transportation)