Vanier Community Garden

A committee of Vanier residents has worked with the community and local businesses to create a community garden at Richelieu Park.

100% natural, 100% volunteer-based!

A committee of Vanier residents worked with the community such as local businesses and partners to create a community garden in the Richelieu Park.  The garden was launched in 2010.  Since, many new lots have been built in response to the huge demand coming from residents. The Vanier Community Garden has already benefited the Vanier community in many ways.  This project has helped strengthen the Vanier community by creating opportunities for Vanier residents to work together on a common goal.  Many residents have come together for planing, fundraising, construction, gardening, workshops, potlucks and celebration activities.  An important outcome of the garden is that it has provided residents with local, fresh, nutritions and affordable food, grown using sustainable and organic methods.  A portion of the garden's harvest was also given to the Partage Vanier food bank, providing low-income residents with healthy food.  Finally, the project has contribyted to the beautification of Vanier, providing green space that is full of life and public enjoyment. 

A representative of the Vanier Community Services Centre also sits on this committee and helps with the coordination, fundraising and publicity of the garden and creates a link between the community garden project and the community services centre. 2010 was the opening year for the Vanier Community Garden and 25 raised-bed plots were developed. In 2011, another 11 plots are planned to accommodate a long waiting list of interested Vanier residents.