Phone: 613.744.2892

Partage Vanier Food Bank

Partage Vanier is the local food bank located at 161 Marier Avenue. The mission statement is to gather and distribute quality food, other necessities of life and resources to individuals and families in need of Vanier. 

The Partage Vanier food bank team says thank you! to all the donors who support the Ottawa Food Bank Network! At the peak of the COVID-19 crisis in April, the Ottawa Food Bank donated $25,000 to the Partage Vanier Food Bank to help support the new wave of emergency food needs.

More About the Food Bank

During the present COVID-19 crisis the Food Bank is open by appointment only. Call 613-744-2892 ext. 0 to make an appointment.

The food bank also has 10 raised garden beds which produces fresh herbs and vegetables offered to the clients during the summer months.

  • Service can be used once a month;
  • Clients must show a recent proof of residency as well as official identification for all family members; 
  • Please bring your grocery bags

This is MY cause!...

Get involved!

The Partage Vanier Food bank is the result of a whole community working together to make a difference.  Be part of the team by becoming a volunteer or a donor.