Matching Program

Support the newcomers in their establishment in Canada.

This program is designed to offer a matching opportunity between newcomers and volunteers in the city of Ottawa.

According to the needs and interests of the newcomer, they are matched with the volunteer who will be able to provide them with personalized support for a successful socio-cultural integration.

Volunteers and newcomers determine their own schedule. The volunteer keeps the Vanier CSC updated on the meetings, activities, and the number of volunteer hours completed at least once a month.



Practice English or French and increase your understanding of Canada.

Contribute to the newcomer's practice of spoken French or English. 

Meet other people and make connections in the community. 

Foster newcomers’ sense of belonging. 

Help Canadians understand your culture and your potential.

Increase cross-cultural understanding and cultural skills development.


"It went well, they were very happy !! They say thank you very much. It is heartwarming. Do everything you can to ensure that Vanier keeps this program. The matching can transform the lives of newcomers in extraordinary ways. "

“I hope you are doing well and thanks for the match. I really thought this was a great idea even before I had experienced it. The type of volunteering that I would like to do also in the future when I would be well established to help newcomers who lack a bit of human contact. "

Volunteer Opportunities

In order to become a volunteer in the matching program, you need to provide a vulnerable sector police check certificate. You must also participate in a training session.