Job Hunters -

One-Stop Community Service Provider

Our Employment Specialists are proud members of a team
of committed professionals known throughout the community
as the Vanier Community Service Centre (CSC).

Every year, for over three decades, tens of thousands of people have called on Vanier CSC. People turn to us for a variety of needs: employment, family services, support for newcomers, legal services, counselling as well as community programs.

Award-Winning Community Institution 

A modern, forward-thinking and innovative institution in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, Vanier CSC is the proud recipient of an Employer Excellence Award. And as an official provider of Employment Ontario services, it is also a driving force in the labour market valued by employers and job hunters alike.

Employment Specialists

Our Employment Specialists rely on their extensive knowledge and know-how to skillfully guide job hunters: effective résumé writing, interview techniques, job search strategy, training, skills development and experience. They also work closely with employers in a variety of ways: job posting, job fairs, application pre-screening and providing customized support with recruitment strategies.