Projet d'harmonisation à l'école Horizon-Jeunesse

This project promotes positive relations between the school, their families and the Vanier community.

 *This program is offered in French only.

The "Projet d'harmonisation de l'école élémentaire catholique Horizon-Jeunesse" offers before, during and after-school activities for students.  Children can register to participate in a variety of activities such as cooking where the child learns to prepare healthy snacks, physical activities where the child learns the rules of different sports, and wellness activites where the child learns how to the manage his emotions.

Support groups are also offered to students relating to specific themes such as self-esteem or grief and seperation.

The "Projet d'harmonisation" offers resources for parents of students enrolled at Horizon-Jeunesse school including the loan of books and resources on self-esteem, separation and divorce, discipline, etc. Parenting workshops on discipline, bullying and child development are also organized during the school year. 

The project coordinator also links the families and the school to the Vanier community by providing information on different events and programs in the community and by referring various relevant community organizations.