Vanier Social Pediatric Hub

The Social Pediatric Hub is a service offered to families living in a vulnerable situation for people aged 0-17 years.

The Hub is a collaboration between the Vanier Community Service Centre, CHEO, Montfort Hospital and Sandy Hill Community Health Centre.  It is based on the model developed by Montreal pediatrician Dr Gilles Julien.  It aims to assist children and youth to achieve their full potential, by decreasing/eliminating "toxic stress" in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our core team consists of a nurse practitioner, rwo social worker, pediatricians and a receptionist.  To compliment the skills of our core team, multiple partners are also offering services on site, including Crossroads Children's Centre, Le CAP, Youth Services Bureau, Orkidstra, Rideauwood, and First Words.  Various other services, such as legal assistance, will be accessible to clients to support the provision of the most comprehensive care possible.


To regiter: Mandatory referral, or self-referral. (Please note that the referral form is not mandatory, the referral can be done by phone or in person as well).


Winners of the contest for young people aged 6 to 17 to create the logo of the Vanier Social Pediatric Hub. Press release